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I will write seo product titles and descriptions for shopify


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Please contact me before placing an order to "Avoid Cancellation"

It's a known fact that customers will buy a product based on what you tell them about it. Your product sales and conversion rate will increase dramatically with a well-written and compelling product description... Look no further I'm here to assist you with that.

This gig is specially tailored for buyers who want to sell Aliexpress products on their websites. 
I will edit your Shopify store product titles, add converting product descriptions, leave important bulletins and also organize products into categories to make it more user-friendly for your customers and improve product SEO for better ranking. 


  •  I Will Give Your Products Catchy Titles. 
  •  Edit Product Titles and Description. 
  •  Add 50-100 words + 3-5 Important Bulletins.
  •  Improve SEO on products.
  •  2 Keywords per product. 
  •  Proofreading and perfect Grammar.

**Please Contact Me Before Placing An Order. (To Avoid Cancellation)**



  • Thank you for your order, sir,
    Please give me the instruction and or the store link for work, and also give me the necessary Instruction for work
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Freelancers For Hire | Freelance Jobs From Home

Charlotte Hannah

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About me

I am a published author who loves to write stories that inspire and light the soul. When I'm not matching eager career seekers with lucrative career opportunities, I love helping entrepreneurs and small businesses UPSIZE their marketplace presence and traffic through content that engages and compels consumers to ACTION! If you need original content that is infused with personality, wit and is engaging, you’ve landed on the WRITE Place!

General Info

  • Mannford, United States
  • January 2020
  • english
VALUE 0-50 $10

Get 50 unique product titles and SEO descriptions. Sort by category, product tags & keywords.

  • Up to 2 Focus Keywords
5 days Delivery 1 Revision