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Frequently Asked Questions

1: Which payment methods are supported by RentaFreelancer.

Ans: PayPal & Creditcards are supported.

2: What should I do, if a buyer gets work done from me and doesn’t pay me.

Ans: You can contact us at and we will review your case and get you paid if you have been gamed by a buyer.

3: What should I do, if a seller doesn’t complete my work.

Ans: You can cancel the order and look for another good seller to complete your work.

4: Can I as a buyer ask for revisions if I’m not satisfied with the end product.

Ans: Yes you can definitely ask for revisions.

5: Are my private details and payment information secure?

Ans: Yes your private details and payment information are encrypted and are absolutely safe & private.

6: Can I pay the seller directly?

Ans: No you must always use Rent A Freelancer to pay a seller and if such a request is made to you by a seller, please report it to us.

7: Can I withdraw money from my Rapid Freelancer account?

Yes you can withdraw the money if you have a seller account and have earned money VIA the Rapid Freelancer platform but minimum withdraw limit is $20.

8: How do I reset my password?

Ans: You can reset your password using the following link:

9: How can I close my account?

Ans: You can close your account by contacting the support team using the following link:

10: How much time it takes me to withdraw the payment of an order that, I’ve completed.

Ans: The buyer has 5 days to mark your order as complete if we receive no response from the buyer the order will be automatically marked as complete after the 2 days deadline and you will receive your funds.

11: Is there any withdrawal fee from RapidFreelancer end.

Ans: No we don’t charge any withdrawal fee.

12: What is the fee that RentaFreelancer charges on each order.

Ans: We take 15% from each order from the seller (if free membership account). We don't charge from buyer